Naked Juice to Take 'All Natural' Off Their Labels, Settles for $9M

Do you smell that?  It's the sweet smell of justice.  Naked Juice, owned by one of America's most devious company's PepsiCo, has settled out of court for $9M after a consumer watchdog group filed a suit that they cannot claim to be "all natural" when their products contain GMOs, alternative sweeteners called fructooligosaccharides, and other questionable ingredients.  In the eyes of this sensei, a step in the right direction has been taken here, and precedent has been set.  Now it's time to go after other companies making similar bogus claims.

The lawsuit claims that the company misled the public, and although Naked denies it, they're removing "all natural" anyway.  In addition, Naked laid the blame at the doorstep of the government.  They say that definitions for "all natural" aren't concrete enough and therefore it is open to interpretation.  Yet, I repeat, they removed the labels and settled quietly out of court for a hefty sum.  Sounds a bit two-faced, doesn't it? 

PepsiCo, who tries to get involved in the "health" category in any way it can, has a history of trying to pass off disgusting products as natural or healthy.  They continue to scoop up smaller companies and streamline their production as well, further blurring the line between products that are healthy, and products that are mass-process-produced, deceiving consumers at every turn.  This trend must stop, and consumer watchdog groups must lead the way.

Please do what you can to support the consumer groups.  They are non-profit and their goals are always centered around making sure the masses are informed about what they buy and ingest.  Without them, and certain investigative journalists, the state of health in this country would be even worse than it presently is.  Sign up for a mailing list, make a donation, or take serious action and start calling out companies for deception and other unfair business practices.  The time to take action is now, and starting with megacorporations and conglomerates is one awesome way to start.